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Hearing loss is a common condition that affects millions of people around the world. The good news is that hearing aids can help improve hearing for those who suffer from hearing loss. However, before one can benefit from hearing aids, they must first undergo a hearing aid consultation and hearing test. Additionally, they will need to learn about hearing aid programming, maintenance and repair, as well as the insurance processing involved in acquiring hearing aids. It's important to get answers to these questions  before you call Elite Hearing Centers of America to schedule a hearing aid consultation in one of our hearing aid stores across Florida.

Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are an essential device for individuals with hearing loss. They help improve the quality of life by amplifying sound and making it easier to communicate with others. There are many hearing aid manufacturers, but we will focus on three popular brands: Phonak, Signia, and Starkey. Phonak, Signia, and Starkey are all well-known hearing aid manufacturers that offer a wide range of high-quality hearing aids. Each brand has its own unique features and benefits, so it's important to work with a hearing specialist to determine which hearing aid is best suited for your individual needs:

Phonak Hearing Aids

The Phonak Marvel offers Bluetooth connectivity, which allows users to stream music and phone calls directly to their hearing aids. It also has a rechargeable battery, which eliminates the need for disposable batteries.

Signia Hearing Aids

The Signia Xperience offers a natural sound experience by using artificial intelligence to adapt to the user's listening environment. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, a rechargeable battery, and is available in various styles to suit different preferences.

Starkey Hearing Aids

The Livio AI is the world's first hearing aid with artificial intelligence and offers a range of features, including language translation and fall detection. It also has Bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable battery.

What is a Hearing Aid Consultation?

A hearing aid consultation is typically the first step in the process of acquiring a hearing aid. During a consultation, the audiologist or hearing specialist will talk to you about your hearing loss and any difficulties you may be experiencing as a result. Your audiologist will also ask about your lifestyle and communication needs to determine which type of hearing aid is most suitable for your specific needs.

After the consultation, the hearing specialist will typically perform a hearing test to determine your level of hearing loss. The hearing test is non-invasive and painless. During the test, you will wear headphones and listen to a series of sounds at different frequencies and volumes. The results of the hearing test will help the hearing specialist determine the degree and type of hearing loss you are experiencing. Based on the results of the consultation and hearing test, the hearing specialist will recommend a hearing aid that is appropriate for your needs. 

Free Hearing Aid Programming, Maintenance, and Repair

Once you has been fitted with a hearing aid, they will need to have it programmed to their specific needs. The hearing specialist will program the hearing aid based on the results of the hearing test, your lifestyle, and communication needs. The hearing aid programming can be adjusted as needed to ensure optimal hearing. Regular maintenance of the hearing aid is crucial to ensure that it continues to function properly. The hearing specialist will provide guidance on how to clean and care for the hearing aid, which typically involves wiping it down with a soft, dry cloth and using a hearing aid cleaning kit to remove any debris that may have accumulated.

Free Hearing Aid Insurance Processing to Determine Coverage

The first step in the insurance processing is to determine the coverage provided by your insurance plan. The hearing specialist will work with the insurance provider to obtain a detailed breakdown of the coverage, including any deductibles, co-payments, or exclusions. Once the coverage has been determined, the hearing specialist will work with you to select a hearing aid that is covered under their insurance plan. They will also provide guidance on how to submit the necessary paperwork to the insurance provider.

Elite Hearing Centers Offers Affordable Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can be life-changing for those who suffer from hearing loss. However, it is important to go through a hearing aid consultation and hearing test to determine the best type of hearing aid for one's specific needs. If you have sensorineural or conductive hearing loss and are looking for an audiologist or hearing aid provider near you, Elite Hearing Centers of America can help.

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