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Hearing Loss Treatments at Elite Hearing Centers of America

Are you or someone you know experiencing hearing loss? It's time to explore the world of hearing aids, but where do you start? Hearing loss can occur for various reasons, from aging to exposure to loud noises. If you’re experiencing hearing loss, it's essential to get a hearing test. An audiologist can perform a comprehensive hearing evaluation, including a pure-tone audiometry test, speech audiometry test, and middle ear test. These tests can determine the type and degree of hearing loss, whether it's sensorineural hearing loss, conductive hearing loss, or a combination of both.  The process of getting hearing aids can seem daunting, but with the help of an audiologist at Elite Hearing Centers of America, it can be a smooth and easy experience. Schedule a free hearing test at one of our hearing aid stores in North Carolina today.

Everything You Need to Know About Hearing Tests

The first step in getting a hearing aid is to schedule a hearing aid consultation with an audiologist. Audiologists are professionals who specialize in diagnosing and treating hearing disorders. During the consultation, the audiologist will discuss your hearing loss and assess their needs to determine the best type of hearing aid for them. The audiologist will also discuss the different features and benefits of various hearing aids, such as nano or Bluetooth hearing aids, and provide guidance on what will work best for your lifestyle and budget. Additionally, our audiologists at Elite Hearing Centers of America can answer any questions or concerns you may have about hearing aids and the fitting process.

Maintaining Your Hearing Aid for Long-Term Use

Regular maintenance and occasional repairs are also essential to keep your hearing aid functioning properly. Common issues include earwax buildup, moisture damage, and battery problems. It's important to clean your hearing aids daily using a soft, dry cloth and store them in a dry, protective case when not in use. If your hearing aids need repairs, it's best to take them to a professional for servicing. Many hearing aid stores offer repair services, and some manufacturers offer warranty coverage for repairs and replacements. Some hearing aid stores offer repair services, but it's important to ensure that the store is authorized to perform repairs on specific hearing aid brands, such as Phonak, Signia, or Starkey hearing aids.

Free Hearing Aid Programming to Produce Optimal Results

Hearing aids must be programmed to meet your specific hearing needs once they have been selected and fitted. In the programming process, your hearing loss and preferences are considered when adjusting the hearing aid's settings. Patients may need to return to our audiologists at  Elite Hearing Centers of America for additional adjustments to achieve optimal results.

Hearing Aids With Nanotechnology

When it comes to popular hearing aid brands, Phonak, Signia, and Starkey are the top choices. Phonak offers a wide range of hearing aid models, including rechargeable and Bluetooth-enabled options. With a sleek design and advanced noise-canceling technology, Signia headphones stand out from the crowd. It's essential to research and explore different brands and models to find the right fit for you. 

Exploring Your Options for Affordable Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can be costly, with prices ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per device. Fortunately, some insurance plans cover all or a portion of your hearing aids costs. However,  hearing aid insurance processing can be complex, and patients may need assistance to navigate the paperwork and requirements. Many hearing aid stores offer insurance processing services to help patients maximize their benefits and reduce out-of-pocket costs.

The first step is understanding what type of hearing aids you need and how much they cost with a hearing aid test. You'll also want to look at if there are any deductibles or co-pays involved in your plan before buying them. Once you know this information, it is time for some research! You need to find out if there are any specific requirements for submitting claims and then file the claim.

How Hearing Aids Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Hearing aids can be a game-changer for those who need them. With the help of an audiologist, it's possible to find the right hearing aid for your needs and lifestyle. Regular maintenance and repairs are essential to keep them functioning properly, and insurance coverage and alternative purchasing options can help make them more affordable.

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