How to Get Used to Hearing Aids

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Posted by Casandra Lee in Hearing Aid Lifestyle

Have you decided to get hearing aids? The prospect of improving your hearing is exciting! Still, you should know that hearing aids require an adjustment period. Newly amplified sounds may be jarring at first. Plus, the feel of wearing a hearing aid takes some getting used to. Follow these tips to make the transition to improved hearing a smooth one.

  • Ensure a good fit: Before taking your new hearing aids home, make sure they fit properly. This is vital for both comfort and effectiveness. Have your audiologist show you how to wear the devices correctly so you can put them in yourself.
  • Have realistic expectations: Hearing aids improve sound perception, but it’s important to understand that they can’t restore your hearing to normal. You’ll still need to do your part by asking people to talk more slowly and look at you when they speak.
  • Program a gradual adjustment: Your audiologist will program your hearing aids to the appropriate amplification. You can request quiet programming that gradually increases in volume over a few weeks as you grow accustomed to hearing sounds again.
  • Wear them as much as possible: Professionals recommend wearing your hearing aids during all waking hours. Consistent exposure to new sounds is the best and fastest way to adapt. Stay home for a few days, allowing your brain to practice detecting and filtering sounds in a quiet environment. Then, once you’re comfortable venturing out to a crowded store or restaurant, your ears will be ready.
  • Read aloud to yourself: The sound of your own voice might irritate you at first, but this should resolve in a few days. Speed up the process by reading aloud to yourself. This can also help retrain you to speak at a normal volume.
  • Return to your audiologist as needed: Expect a fine-tuning appointment several weeks after getting your hearing aid. However, if you have any pain or trouble coping with the sound volume, contact your audiologist sooner.
  • Consider hearing aid training: Even with hearing aids, you may still have trouble comprehending words and following conversations. Online hearing aid training may help. Ask your audiologist for a program they recommend.
  • Learn to ignore background noise: Others can shut out the humming refrigerator and ticking clock, but you may find these sounds loud or even unbearable. Be patient during the adjustment period. After a few weeks, you’ll find yourself wearing your hearing aids for longer stretches of time and enjoying all the sounds the world has to offer.

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