Common Hearing Aid Problems
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Common Hearing Aid Problems

Approximately one-third of people with hearing loss wear hearing aids, and the number increases each year. Hearing aids provide several benefits for people who have difficulty hearing. These revolutionary devices improve hearing ability and speech clarity. They increase one’s independence and self-confidence while enhancing quality of life. But along with all these amazing benefits come some tricky spots users must troubleshoot. Read on to learn about the most common hearing aids issues and what you can do to combat them!


Feedback is a common problem with hearing aids. This is when the sound from the hearing aids amplification system is heard through the hearing aids themselves. This can be reduced or eliminated by making sure that the hearing aids are fitted properly and the dome inside your ear is fully secure inside the ear canal with no gaps between the dome and your ear canal.


Whistling happens when there is too much air passing through the hearing aids, which causes a whistle-like noise to be emitted. This can usually be fixed by making sure that the hearing aids fit properly and that there is minimal space between the hearing aid and your ear canal.

Poor Sound Quality – Low Volume

If you experience poor sound quality with your hearing aids, odds are there is just excessive wax buildup in the wax filter of the hearing aid! They are easy enough to change yourself but you can also take them in for servicing and take care of the issue within minutes. It may also be time to adjust the volume level of your hearing aids and retest your hearing.

Ear Infections

One potential problem with wearing hearing aids is that they can increase your risk of getting ear infections. This is because the devices can create a warm and moist environment in your ear that is conducive to bacteria and fungus growth. Go into an urgent care if you suspect an ear infection and have your ear canal examined. They may deem there that medication is necessary and it’s important to take care of these infections in a timely manner.


If you are having problems with drainage from your ears, your audiologist can inspect your hearing aids and make sure they are matched correctly to your ears’ needs. You may also need to clean them regularly to keep them free of wax and other debris.

Excessive Noise

If you find that your hearing aids are amplifying background noise instead of voices, you may need to have them serviced or replaced. Again, most problems with hearing aids and sound quality can be resolved with a hearing aid refitting.

The Many Benefits of Hearing Aids Are Worth It!

Studies have shown that hearing loss is connected to several health conditions like cognitive decline and depression. Hearing aids have been shown to better one’s quality of life while reducing loneliness and slowing the symptoms of dementia. Further, hearing aids reduce the risk of falls and the occurrence of anxiety.
If you are experiencing any problems with your hearing aids, be sure to speak to a specialist at Elite Hearing Centers. They will be able to help you troubleshoot the problem and find a solution that works for you. Your ability to hear is worth any efforts you must make to preserve it—we can help!

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