Tips for Traveling with Hearing Aids

traveling with hearing aids
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Be Prepared to Travel With Hearing Aids

Going on a trip is stressful enough with airport traffic, long security lines, delays, and packing. When you add hearing aids to the mix, traveling can become a chore and a major cause of stress. Even if you have minor hearing loss, you can’t afford to leave home without your hearing aid and everything you will need to maintain it. For people who have just started using a hearing aid, it is very easy to forget to pack what you really need.
At Elite Hearing Centers of America, we know exactly what proper hearing aid maintenance entails, so we've provided you with some essential tips for traveling with hearing aids so you can enjoy your vacation, have a productive work trip, or simply enjoy the road. If you need any help with hearing aids, including fittings, contact us at Elite Hearing Centers of America! 

What to Bring

Put together a checklist of things you will need to maintain your hearing aid while traveling. While your list may look different based on the type of hearing aid you have, the essentials may include:
  • Hearing Aid Cleaning Kit - It’s important to maintain your normal cleaning routine as much as possible while you’re on the road, so don’t forget your hearing aid cleaning kit!
  • Hearing Aid Batteries - If you have a rechargeable hearing aid, be sure to bring along your charging dock. You may find that you use your hearing aid more while you’re on the road, so if yours uses non-rechargeable batteries, be sure to bring extra.
  • Extra Parts - You may be using your hearing aids more when you’re traveling, so it’s a good idea to bring along extra domes and wax guards.
  • Dehumidifier - A dehumidifier may not be necessary at home to dry your hearing aid, but if you are traveling somewhere humid, tropical, or near a body of water, you may need one.

Tips for Traveling

There are certain considerations when traveling that are non-issues when you’re at home. Here are some tips for traveling successfully with your hearing aid:
  • Wear It in the Airport - There are sometimes important announcements made over the PA system that pertain to your flight.
  • Bring a Remote Mic - A remote mic will make it easier to communicate with flight attendants and travel companions.
  • Keep Supplies Close - If possible, keep your essential hearing aid accessories with you in your carry-on bag in case you need them mid-flight.
  • Seek Out Visual Cues - In case your hearing aid malfunctions, look for visual cues like seatbelt lights, service lights, or gestures from attendants.

Contact Elite Hearing Centers of America

Traveling with a hearing aid doesn’t have to be a chore. If you bring what you need and follow the above tips for traveling with a hearing aid, you are sure to have a good time. If you need new hearing aids or want to upgrade, you can always count on us at Elite Hearing Centers of America!

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