What to Know About Hearing Aid Crackling

hearing aid crackling repairs
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Has your hearing aid started crackling or popping? If so, it can be a very irritating issue. Understanding why hearing aids crackle and what you can do about it is key to getting the issue resolved quickly. In this blog post, we will discuss the possible causes of hearing aid crackling as well as solutions for fixing this common problem.

Causes of Hearing Aid Crackling

There are many potential causes of hearing aid crackling. Some of these include feedback from nearby speakers, low battery power, moisture in the device, and a loose earmold or tubing connection. Let’s look at each of these potential causes in more detail:
  • Feedback from Nearby Speakers: Loud noises from nearby speakers can cause your hearing aid to pick up the sound and create feedback that results in crackling noises. To avoid this issue, try to keep your hearing aids away from loud speakers whenever possible.
  • Low Battery Power: If your batteries are running low on power, they may not have enough energy to properly process sound signals which can lead to crackling noises coming from your device. Replacing the batteries with fresh ones should solve the issue.
  • Moisture in Device: Another common cause of hearing aid crackling is moisture that has gotten into the device. This could be due to sweat from wearing them during exercise or other activities or due to exposure to humid environments such as showers or steam rooms. The best way to fix this is by drying out the device and keeping it away from humid environments when possible. 
  • Loose Earmold or Tubing Connection: Lastly, a loose earmold or tubing connection can also cause crackling noises coming from your hearing aids if there isn’t a secure fit between them and the device itself. This can usually be fixed by adjusting the fit of the earmolds or tubes until they are snug against your ears and secured tightly in place by using a soft cloth or tissue paper between them and your skin if necessary.

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