Top Smart Hearing Aid Apps for Your Phone

smart hearing aid apps
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The Top Smart Hearing Aid Apps for Your Phone

We now live in the digital age, where technology continues to rapidly take quantum leaps. Smartphones rule in this new era – so why should your hearing aids stay behind? Imagine having the power to personalize your device settings and fine-tune your hearing aids for different environments, all from the palm of your hand. This once compelling idea has become a distinguished reality.
Smart hearing aid apps are transforming the way we connect and interact with our world. Whether having a meaningful conversation at a busy café or perusing the quiet aisles of your local library, these apps empower users to take command of their hearing experience with just a few taps. Let’s explore some of the best hearing aid apps and their innovative features developed specifically for our smartphones.

What Are the Purposes of Hearing Aid Apps?

Hearing aid apps serve multiple purposes designed to provide a greater level of device management and enhance the user's everyday experience. They can provide real-time control over the volume and audio settings, allowing for effortless adjustments on the fly. They’re also capable of tracking hearing health and fitness metrics, providing valuable insights and reminders to users.
Hearing aid-compatible apps often offer advanced analytics, helping users understand their hearing patterns better. Some apps even possess features that turn your smartphone into an auxiliary hearing device, picking up sounds from the environment and transmitting them directly to your hearing aids. From adjusting directional microphones and countering the effects of tinnitus to locating misplaced devices, modern hearing aid apps possess incredible customization features that facilitate a truly interconnected hearing experience.

How Do Hearing Aid Apps Work?

Hearing aid apps are like portable control centers, employing sophisticated technologies to interact with your devices directly. Essentially, they work based on Bluetooth connectivity, allowing your smartphone and hearing aids to communicate with each other. Once paired through a wireless connection, these apps enable you to manipulate your hearing aids’ functionalities, minimizing the need for frequent programming adjustments from a specialist.
With the rise of AI and machine learning, hearing aid apps are becoming even smarter, learning from your preferences to adjust settings automatically wherever life takes you. The possibilities are endless, and hearing aids are becoming essential tools for all hearing aid wearers.

The Best Hearing Aid Apps for iPhone & Android

There's a broad array of apps available to complement your hearing aids, offering a range of features to enhance your auditory experience. Your choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and the brand of your hearing aids. Here are some of the best hearing aid apps compatible with Phonak, Signia, Widex, Starkey, and other various prominent hearing aid brands:
Eargo is a sleek app with features such as personalized sound profiles, manual fine-tuning, and live, professional support. It is compatible with the Eargo 5, 6, 7, and hearing aid models.
Jabra Enhance Pro
Connect your Jabra Enhance Pro hearing aids with this app and access features such as adjustable hearing settings, Bluetooth streaming, noise reduction, and transparent hearing.
The MDHearing app offers a simple-to-use interface and includes features like volume control, program switching, and an equalizer for sound customization. It's compatible with MDHearingAid CORE and VOLT MAX smart hearing devices.
The myPhonak app enables remote control over your hearing aids and offers real-time hearing adjustments, noise cancellation, and voice clarifying capabilities. It pairs with many Phonak-brand smart hearing aids.
Oticon ON
With Oticon ON, you’ll get an extensive array of features like volume control, hearing aid location tracking, and a tinnitus relief tool. It's compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled Oticon hearing instruments.
ReSound Smart 3D
ReSound Smart 3D offers personalized sound settings, location-based adjustments, and tinnitus management. This app works with all ReSound hearing aids that are smartphone-compatible.
Signia App
This is a comprehensive app equipped with features such as remote control, streaming adjustments, and fitness tracking. It pairs with most Signia hearing aids.
Starkey Relax
This app provides customizable relief sounds to help manage tinnitus. The Starkey Relax app isn't limited to just the Starkey brand; it's compatible with many hearing aids from Audibel, NuEar, MicroTech, and AGX Hearing. 
TruLink Hearing Control
Transform your phone into a remote control for your hearing aids with TruLink Hearing Control, featuring capabilities like personalized sound adjustments and streaming of calls, music, and more. The app can be paired with Starkey's Made for iPhone® hearing aids, among many other brands.
The TONELINK app uses a simple interface for users to control volume and listening programs. It works with all Widex EVOKE, EVOLUTION, MOMENT, and BEYOND hearing aids.
This app offers customizable sound settings, including a sound equalizer and sound directionality control, for an individualized hearing experience. It pairs with Widex Moment and Moment Sheer hearing aids.

Step Into the Future of Hearing Aid Technology

With the rapid advancement of hearing aid technology, we can expect to see even more innovative features and capabilities in the near future. As smartphones continue to evolve, so will their compatibility with our everyday devices. The days of constantly fiddling with manual controls may soon become a thing of the past.
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